‘…the beautiful, rolling countryside of Leicestershire.’

Miss Tarbell is well educated, intelligent and resourceful but she is critical, bigoted and vengeful also. The dilemma which presents itself is, is she so because she is a capable woman trying to survive in a man’s world, or, despite her capabilities, is she so because it is her nature. Further to this, it could be a combination of the two making for a third scenario, in which case the dilemma does not exist. Whatever the permutations may be, she has unfailing faith in her powers of deduction whether they are based on intelligence or bigotry, and it is this that drives events to their conclusion.

‘She did not wish to see her brilliant, effort, her amazing insight and her astounding dedication go to waste. She was more determined than ever to see her quarry brought to justice. She was going to see┬áhe got what he deserved, and she justified her action in the firm belief that she was right.’