First blog post

Is it just me, or is it normal to be drawn to the place of one’s birth? A few years ago we went to live in Wales (or, Cymru as it is better known to the indigenous people) where I met a man who was born and spent his early years in Cymru, in the beautiful Dyssyni Valley, but who moved to live in Leicestershire for a time, in Husbands Bosworth. We had mutual friends there and it is evident our paths must have crossed but we could neither of us remember it. He told me he wished he could move back from Cymru to Leicestershire which he preferred. How paradoxical! He wanted to live in the county of my birth and I wanted to live in the county of his birth, Gwynedd. Never the less, as Miss Tarbell shows, I am still, myself, drawn to Leicestershire.

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